Monique Janssens is a communications consultant, teacher, workshop leader, author and researcher, specialized in ethics and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). She works for several organizations in the field of ethics and CSR in the Netherlands. As a researcher she specializes in the relation between business and animal ethics. Her one-woman enterprise is called JT&P Communicatie.

Corporate Commitment to ANimals (CAN) 

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Ethical values

  • Well-being: we want to create a world in which every living being can live according to his or her natural behavior and preferences.

  • Integrity: we will always aim for the morally good.

  • Clarity: we think that clear communication can support the morally good and empowers people to create wellbeing for themselves and others. 


We aim for a society in which there is well-being for humans and animals both. It stimulates companies and organizations who are open to CSR and take ethics seriously. We help your company to do this in a way that fits your corporate ethical values.

What we do

Many companies are eager to integrate CSR in their corporate policy, but don’t know where to start, or have difficulties making choices. Which investments are necessary? How to prioritize? How to make ethical choices? What fits our brand? How do we organize online customer care?

If you start from the ethical values within the company, you will experience that your CSR choices will receive internal and external appreciation and support. Self-conscious communication about these choices will come natural and will support your corporate identity and your external brand.

We can help you identify your ethical values en translate them to CSR-choices and internal en external communication.


Who worked with JT&P Communicatie


Advisory Committee Animal Issues of the City of Utrecht

Animal Welfare Body Utrecht

Gooi’s Nature Reserve

CAS International

Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals

NIOW Advice and Training

MNO Vervat

NMCX Centre for Sustainability

Stichting Natuurbeelden (Moving Images of Nature)


Utrecht University Ethics Institute

World Animal Protection

and many Dutch municipalities